10 October 2019. International Workshop on « Modelling and optimization of energy storage systems», organized by S. Olaru.

01 October 2019. Mauricio Gonzalez joins the chair as a postdoctoral associate. He will work with A. Girard (responsible of the Security Program of the Chair) and S. Lasaulce (for the Communications aspects). Yifei Sun joins the chair as a Ph.D student. 

June 2019. Best Paper Award awarded to Hang Zou at the Junior Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications (DJWOC’19) for the use of Machine Learning in Goal-Oriented Communications.

22 May 2019. International Workshop on « Model Predictive Control and Energy Applications », organized by S. Olaru.

April 2019. Yixuan Yao en Yifei Sun join the Chair as Master interns.

February 2019. Stéphane CUI joins the chair as a master intern (to work with Professor Totel in CIDRE in Rennes).

15 November 2018. RTE ChairWorkshop on « Energie et Numérique » and « Prix RTE Energie et Numérique » organized by S. Lasaulce and M.-C. Milleret. This successful one-day workshop gathered more than 100 people. The Prix RTE has been awarded to three students : Antoine Oustry (Ecole Polytechique), Hippolyte Brosse (CentraleSupélec), and Elise Mutschler (CentraleSupélec).

12 October 2018. ECSEL H2020 European project accepted.

01 October 2018. Hang Zou joins the chair as a Ph.D student.

30 August 2018. RTE Chair social event organized by S. Lasaulce. Internal Workshop gathering the RTE chair members (L2S, GEEPS, CIDRE) + social event at L’At Home.

01 July 2018.  Mehdi Debbah joins the  Chair for one month as the  RTE Chair site Webmaster .

June 2018. Submission of  the  ECSEL H 2020 Project to the European Commission.

01 April 2018.  Pan Liu joins the  Chair for six  months  as a Master intern.

01 April 2018. Hang  Zou joins the  Chair for six  months  as a Master intern.

01 March 2018. Zuxing LI joins the Chair as a post-doc Associate Researcher.

01 January 2018. Clémentine Straub joins the Chair as a Ph.D student (under CIFRE umbrella).

06 October 2017. Invited talk given by Samson LASAULCE. « Electric vehicle charging games », SEEDS-Efficacity-GdR MACS-CNRS Workshop on Micro and Smart Grids, Champs-sur-Marne, France. [PDF]

01 October 2017. Chao ZHANG joins the chair as a post-doc associate researcher.

22 June 2017. Inauguration of the  RTE Chair at La Défense  .

17 June 2017. RTE chair presented in L’Usine Nouvelle.